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Hello from Strawberry,

Thanks for your interest in the bicycle framesets which I manufacture and sell under the trademark STRAWBERRY.
My friends sometimes ask me how I started cycle framebuilding and how the framesets are fabricated, so I'll take this space to tell you.
Upon graduation from University of Washington School of Civil Engineering in 1970, I travelled to England to tour and race my bicycle.  My interest in framebuilding developed after visiting several English Pro shops with the typical frame shop out back.



Strawberry frame brazing with Marchetti ML 301/G-500 and Harris torch 43-2/tip 2290-1H

In 1971, I bought oxy-propane tanks, Harris brazing torches, a vise and some files, wrote the trig equations defining mitre lengths and angles and started in. Today I represent the Italian firm Marchetti SRL in the USA and fabricate steel framesets from Reynolds tubing. The Strawberry bicycle frame fabrication shop is a twenty six hundred square foot poured concrete structure built in 1948, close in to downtown Portland, Oregon. Several of the framebuilding tools run on compressed air which is supplied by an Ingersoll Rand no. SF7.5 rotary screw air compressor. Tube processing equipment includes a Marchetti no. 102/M Combined Tube Mitreing Machine, an EMCO Maximat V10P Lathe/Vertical Mill, Marchetti Bottom Bracket Tapping Machine no. 179/E, Pedrazzoli Super Brown 2000 Coldsaw, and a Clausing Colchester model 8027 Geared Head Lathe. Brazing equipment includes Harris and Victor oxy-propane torches, ICM no. 25 Sandblaster, Marchetti Frame Brazing Fixture no. 301/G-500, Marchetti Fork Brazing Fixture no. 303/N, Marchetti no. 304 Rear Dropout Brazing Fixture. Alignment tools include the Marchetti no. 307/A Pneumatic Frame Alignment Table and the no. 308/N Manual Fork Alignment Table. Frameset finishing tools include Dynafile, various die grinders, hand files, 3M surface conditioning supplies and sufficient elbow grease. Completed framesets are trucked across the Willamette River via my 1964 Datsun pickup to Dean at Acme Paint Shop. Production is co-ordinated by Ollie, a Bernese Mountain - Golden Retriever who most days can be found at the Strawberry Office of Strategic Planning, aka The Goose Hollow Tavern.
Construction of a frameset begins after the design calculations for tube lengths and mitre angles are completed.  With a completed design card, I select the appropriate Reynolds tube gauges and then turn on the mitre machine.  Fork and rear triangle brazing is next, then the main diamond tubes are degreased, mitred and jigged for brazing in the Marchetti 301/G-500 calibrated frame fixture.  Finally, brazing of the main diamond and attachment of the rear wishbone proceeds.
After a soak in the hot tank to remove brazing flux, out come the files and in go hours of elbow grease.  Silver soldering of the braze-ons, a final check on the alignment table and the frameset is ready to ship to Acme Paint Shop.
Built with pride - one at a time.  Maybe I'll get a ride in tomorrow!

Good roads to you,

Andy Newlands
Terra Nova Cycles, LLC